While Black Panther mania is in full bloom ahead of its February 16 release date, Marvel has now given fans of their expansive cinematic universe a sneak peek at their latest blossoming franchise. Ant-Man will see actor Paul Rudd return to his comedic antics as the film's lead protagonist. Audiences last saw the morphing maestro in Civil War alongside his fellow combatants of evil, and this latest instalment picks up from that film's very open ending. 

However, one exciting addition to the film is that of Wasp, the Marvel Comics heroine who is making her film debut in this latest addition into the Ant-Man series. Played by Lost's Evangeline Lilly, Wasp and Ant-Man team up to become Earth's most powerful insectile duo. 

The newly-released trailer does not reveal a whole lot about the narrative of the film, but it just showcases enough action sequences and comedic flair to captivate and beguile viewers ahead of its forthcoming release. What can be gathered during this brief introduction is the two superheroes must join forces to help retrieve the original Wasp from the quantum realm, which was first alluded to in the previous film. 

Michael Douglas will reprise his role as Hank Pym, the doctor who essentially gave Wasp and Ant-Man their superhuman powers and turned them into the crime-fighting duo. Peep this sneak preview below: