Where were Ant-Man and The Wasp during Avengers: Infinity War? That's a great question. While Thanos ravaged the galaxy and killed half of life in the universe, the Avenger's tiniest heroes were nowhere to be found. Hopefully, the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp film will answer that question. So far, we do know that the film does take place before the events in Infinity War, so it's possible the ending could catch up with the reality-altering "snap."

Some Marvel fans speculate that Ant-Man will access the Quantum Realm, a place the hero can only access by shrinking down to a size smaller than an atom. In the Quantum Realm, time and space are non-existent, and reality is warped. Access to this zone may lead to time travel, or dimension shifting, which could reverse the deaths that occurred at the end of Infinity War. While fans sit around and mull that over, Marvel has released a new teaser trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

In the latest trailer, Ant-Man makes a list of everything that he and The Wasp must do to take down Ghost, a new villain. Ghost has the ability to phase through objects, ultimately making her the greatest thief on the planet. Watch the new trailer below and check out Ant-Man and The Wasp when it hits theaters on July 6th.