Anthony Davis has been given fewer minutes in light of his trade request out of New Orleans. The Pelicans star made it clear that he wants out and it became a huge controversy at the trade deadline. Well now, Davis has to ride out the season in NOLA, but in order to protect him as a trade asset, the team is sitting him on the bench in the fourth quarter. While the team lost to the Los Angeles Lakers, 125-119 last night, Davis played well, dropping 22 points in just 21 minutes. Afterward, Davis explained whether or not he feels like he's the best player in the league.

"I feel like I am there," Davis explained (via USA Today). "I am there. In my mind, that hasn't changed. [I am] the best player in the league."

As for his mindset, Davis believes that is intact too and that nothing can change that right now.

"I am fine mentally, actually great, great mentally," he said. "I want to play basketball. I don't let nobody steal my joy, no matter what it is. I step between the lines and play basketball, I'm happy. It is just tough not being on the floor, especially in a crunch time situation."

The Lakers are one of the team's that Davis reportedly wants to be traded to, which actually led to the crowd giving him a big cheer when he came into the game.