It looks like generosity is a common trait amongst the TDE crew. Back in June, front man Kendrick Lamar purchased his little sister a brand new Toyota Camry for her high school graduation, and then he followed that up by buying one of his die-hard fans a wheel-chair accessible vehicle last month, but now it’s Top Dawg’s turn to give back.

Over the weekend, TDE founder & President Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith decided to meet up with several of his family members who he hadn’t seen in a while, and not only treat them to lunch, but buy each one of them a brand new car! "Open them up. I hope you like these," he said while filming the women. "A gift from me to y’all.”

Top Dawg then left the following caption on his IG post.. “After we had lunch I turnt into Oprah Winfrey. I started screaming you get a car and all of them started crying. It felt good being able to bless my family without them asking... #TDE"

Later, the TDE boss shared another clip on his IG, showing the women stepping outside their home and seeing the row of new cars in the street tied with a red bow on them. The elated sisters instantly began shedding tears of enjoyment when they first saw the cars.

Check out the heart-warming clips (below) and look out for new music from TDE hopefully coming soon. If you remember back in June, reports surfaced online that Jay Rock was reportedly mixing new music, but time will only tell when it’ll be dropping. We’ll continue to keep you posted though moving forward, stay tuned.