A pro-Trump rally was held on Saturday (Dec. 12) in Washington D.C. which turned violent as night fell. Pro-trump supporters and members of the Proud Boys clashed with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters. The tumultuous night highlights the ongoing divide in American politics, one that has been further instigated by the current administration. The stark contrast in beliefs from both sides lead to flashes of violence as night fell on the mostly peaceful event.

As TMZ reports, by night's end, 23 people were arrested, four people were taken to the hospital with stab wounds, and two cops were taken to the hospital as well. There is also a video of police trying to form a blockade between the two groups, although that ultimately failed once explosive projectiles were utilized. Although videos make the violence, and the rally, look enormous, witnesses state that the event was not as big as advertised. During the day, most of the rally carried out with Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump protesters sharing the same space in an uneasy peace. There were several speakers who continued to rally against the election, although Trump's legal contests to overturn the results are nearly exhausted.