Antonio Brown has been off the rails over the past week thanks to a plethora of issues that have Oakland Raiders fans shaking their heads in collective frustration. It all started when it was revealed that Brown was suffering from a frostbitten foot due to a cryogenic chamber. If that wasn't bad enough already, it was reported that Brown was filing a grievance with the NFL over the fact that he can't use his old helmet, as it's banned now. Essentially, the wide receiver threatened the league and the Raiders, saying if he doesn't get his helmet back, he would retire from the sport entirely

In a report from Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, it was revealed that Brown might actually use the helmet given to him, although there is a catch. As Kaplan explains, Brown wouldn't let the league off the hook if he somehow got injured with his new headgear.

“Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown’s side warned the NFL during a grievance hearing Friday that if he suffered a head injury in a helmet that he is compelled to wear, he would hold the league liable, a source with knowledge of the hearing said," Kaplan wrote.

This situation will be pretty interesting moving forward so stay tuned for all of the latest updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.