Ever since the Oakland Raiders acquired Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers, fans have been wondering when the bubble would burst and AB would get on the bad side of the fans. It seemed as though he was making strides alongside quarterback Derek Carr but this week, all of that progress has been done by the wayside. It was reported that Brown had a foot injury from a cryogenic chamber which gave him frostbite. It's unclear when Brown will be able to get back into the Raider lineup but now, he's trying to fight the NFL over what kind of helmet he can wear. 

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Raiders wide receiver hasn't been able to wear the helmet he used in Pittsburgh as it is no longer approved by the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment). Brown has no filed a grievance against the NFL and will meet with an arbitrator next week. The arbitrator will make the final call on his helmet situation.

If Brown can't use the helmet he wants, there is no telling what he'll do as he has proven himself to be quite unpredictable in the past. For the sake of Raiders fans everywhere, hopefully, his injury and helmet grievance can be resolved to the team can move on and start focusing on football.