Have you ever thought of walking into an Apple Store and snatching a handful of those conspicuously unguarded iPhones, iPads or MacBooks? If so, you're not alone. A group of thieves in Fresno, California has turned fantasy to reality with their casual robbery of an Apple Store, in which they reportedly walked away with $27,000 worth of Apple gear. 

This heist, if you can call it that, isn't exactly Ocean's 11. Four young men wearing sweatpants and hoodies ran into the store and grabbed a bunch of computers and phones while the store's staff, known as "geniuses," looked on with little interest. The only person who tried to stop the thieves was a man in a white t-shirt and hat, who stood stock still at the door, blocking the only exit to the store. One of the "Apple Store Four," as they will now be called, simply knocked the righteous citizen out of the way, sending him and his baseball cap flying. 

The police are hot on the chase of the suspects, who they believe to be between 16 and 18 and unarmed. They also suspect that a getaway driver was in on the heist. According to Lt. Mark Hudson, of the Fresno Police Department, “there are other reports of other places, other cities in California, that have had these kinds of takeover thefts.” He added that the department will be looking into the possibility of the robbery "being connected to other crimes, at any other Apple Stores outside of Fresno.”

Watch the video of the heist here.