It's no secret that Apple's new flagship device, the iPhone X, will be at the top of many people's shopping list as the holidays approach. Many consumers got a jump on that buying frenzy during Black Friday weekend which, as a new report from TechCrunch details, could have led to a big financial boon for the ever-popular technology company. 

According to information that was originally published by Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang, Apple may have sold up to 6 million iPhone X units during that big shopping weekend around the world. The iPhone maker has not shared an exact number yet, but speculation continues to be rampant in the tech world that, despite some early manufacturing concerns, Apple is well on the way to making this device their new bread and butter.

To put that figure into perspective, the company sold 39.3 million iPhones during the last fiscal quarter, when you combine all iPhone models. That translates to Apple usually selling around 1.75 million iPhones of any kind during a given 4-day period. So, with that in mind, this past weekend was definitely a huge one financially for Apple, and that's without taking other iPhone models into account. If you break it down math-wise, the company sold more than 17 iPhone X units every single second during those four days.

In terms of production, Rosenblatt says that Apple is in the business of manufacturing 3 million units every week. However, with the rabid demand for the iPhone X, this could increase all the way up to 4 million units per week in just a few weeks. In fact, Apple looks to have moved 15 million iPhone X units since going on sale not long ago, if these projection numbers are to be believed.

Zhang revealed that most people buy the more expensive 256GB model, as opposed to the 64GB model, at nearly a 2:1 clip. This means that, not only will the average price per unit that shows up on a purchaser's bill increase, but Apple could very well end up selling 30 million iPhone X units during the current quarter that ends in December, as well as 40 million units during the first quarter of 2018. Premium phones were, in the end, a very smart decision by Apple.