DC's Aquaman proved to be a runaway success, earning reasonably favorable reviews in the process. With a portion of the bulk carried on Jason Momoa's capable shoulders, the James Wan-directed film has grossed over one billion dollars in the global box office. In that sense, a sequel was inevitable. Now, a release date has been officially revealed, distant though it may be. Look for Arthur Curry to return to the sea on December 16th, 2022, nearly four years removed from the original's release.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

While James Wan has yet to confirm his return to the director's chair, he will indeed stand as a producer of Aquaman 2. Though he has yet to be confirmed, Forbes reports that Wan has taken a deep interest in the franchise, citing it as his own personal Lord Of The Rings or Avatar.  David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who worked as a co-writer of the first, will tackle the sequel's script. 

Many immediately expressed annoyance at the long wait, with Forbes speculating on a few potential motives. Of course, Wan has his fingers in many pies, including the Conjuring universe. Not to mention, James Cameron's Avatar sequels will have run out by then, which gives Aquaman all the more room to frolic. Still, it's an intense wait, even for the most die-hard fans. Should you count yourselves among them, mark your calendars for December 16th, 2022.