A new clip of DC upcoming Aquaman has surfaced along with a new international poster. In the clip, Aquaman (Jason Momoa) squares off against his half-brother who seems to have only gotten half a name: Orm (maybe a good new nickname for the Raptors' Norman Powell, who sometimes looks like he's either underwater or a superhero, the way he elevates).

The fight scene begins with the two brothers facing off one-on-one in front of a huge crowd. Orm says, with impeccable diction and not a single contraction, "you have our mother's trident. Powerful, but flawed, like her. I wield my father's, and it has never known defeat." He lunges at Aquaman and a bubbly fight scene ensues. The interesting part is that you don't realize it's underwater until they start swinging their tridents at each other which trail bubbles and make a lightsaber sound that's meant to be the sound of...underwater? It's like in Spongebob, when all of a sudden, after they walk around and drive cars all episode, one thing happens to reinforce the fact that everything has been happening under the sea:

The movie comes out on the 14th of December in the UK and the 21st in North America.