Aquaman has more than made its mark at the box office, officially earning $51.6 million at the domestic box office in its second weekend, bringing its North American tally to $188.8 million. Overseas, the filmed garned another $85.4 million in 78 marketis, pushing its foreign total to $560 million, making for a global pull of $748.8 million.

Aquaman has easily surged past DC films such as Justice League, which topped out at $757.9 million and Suicide Squad which finished with $746.7 million. Currently, a few predictions show that Aquaman is sure to hit the $900 million mark in global ticket sales, marking the best showing for a DC film since The Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

At No. 2 in the box office, you'll find the Mary Poppins Returns flick, earning $28 million in its second weekend, bringing its North American total to $98.9 million and pushing its worldwide reel to $173.3 million.

Currently, total box office revenue for the year has hit $11.8 billion, besting the previous record of $11.4 billion set in 2016, marking an increase of 7 percent from last year's $11.1 billion intake. This year, North American attendance had a great part in the surge in revenue globally with the worldwide box office headed toward an all-time high of $41.7 billion. Superhero flicks were all the rage and are to blame for such high turnouts in the States with the emergence of cultural giants such as Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2 and Venom.