It seems like DC Comics' heroes do much better on their own. Man of Steel was a refreshing twist on Superman lore that painted the hero as an alien who evokes fear among the people of Earth. Then, Wonder Woman was an action-packed thrill ride that brought Princess Diana to the forefront. It's when DC starts placing their heroes in the same movies that things get crazy. While I enjoyed Batman V Superman, critics seem to disagree. Justice League was a box-office failure and Suicide Squad was all over the place. Sticking to their method of focusing on one hero at a time (a hint they should have taken from Marvel), DC is set to drop Aquaman this Winter. 

Jason Momoa looks epic as the titular hero, and a new movie poster has revealed that the king of the ocean has allies. Surrounded by sharks, fishes, and other sea life, Aquaman stares bravely at his audience on the new poster. Director James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring, Insidious, Saw) has a gripping vision for Aquaman that looks like it will be epic. Aside from releasing the official movie poster, Wan shared a photo from the film itself. The photo features Aquaman, or another Atlantean, wielding a trident while claiming dominion over the seas. The Aquaman trailer will debut at Comic-Con in San Diego this week, and the film hits theaters on December 21.