Denzel Curry has steadily been gaining traction as one of the game's most promising young rappers, and fans have been patiently awaiting the arrival of his upcoming Taboo. With glimmers of brilliance already teased on previous releases Nostalgia 64 and Imperial, Denzel Curry has earned a reputation as an innovator, unafraid to combine sharp lyricism with raw, unapologetic production. In other words, he's a cornerstone piece within the Florida hip-hop movement, and from the sound of it, he's taking his time to perfect his upcoming project. Now, a recent picture has emerged that has led to some exciting speculation. 

Yesterday, Denzel Curry posted a picture of himself and Flying Lotus on Instagram, along with the caption "ULT X FLYLO." While it's entirely possible that the pair were simply hanging out, it's pretty difficult for a musician to post a picture with another musician these days without speculation spreading like wildfire. It doesn't exactly seem like a far fetched collaboration, and Curry has actually worked with FlyLo before, sort of. Last year, Denzel joined Flying Lotus on stage at Miami's Ill Points Music Festival, where he proceeded to spit a freestyle over FlyLo's instrumental. Check that out below, if you're interested.

Denzel has recently revealed that Taboo has been waiting on a few more tracks, so perhaps there's still time for a Flying Lotus collaboration to come to fruition. Is that something you might be interested in?