Not only is Dr. Dre one of the greatest producers of all time, but he's also garnered the reputation of hip-hop's biggest perfectionist. As such, it's led to a relatively limited discography, with the Good Doctor possessing three solo albums released in 1992, 1999, and 2015. All the while, projects like the fabled Detox (read the complete history of that lost album right here) and even the briefly teased Planets instrumental album have been eternally tucked away in the Aftermath vault.

Dr. Dre Eminem

Michael Caulfield/WireImage/Getty Images

So why then would there be any reason to believe that Dre is gearing up to release a new album? As it happens, Detroit rapper, actor, and comedian Page Kennedy has actually heard some new music from Dre, going so far as to indicate that there's a full album in the works. On November 16th, Kennedy took to Twitter to drop a major flex, indicating that "This Dr. Dre album sounding [FIRE]" in a hype-inducing message. "Hope y’all get to hear," he adds, a sentiment echoed by all of us on the outside looking in.

After one fan inquires after further details, specifically pertaining to a new Eminem album, Kennedy reveals that Em is indeed present on the project. No surprise there really, seeing as Em and Dre have been actively working together of late; for the first time since 2010's Recovery, Dr. Dre laced Eminem with new instrumentals on Music To Be Murdered ByPlus, Dre has been seen at a variety of different studios, including sessions with Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, and even Quavo -- if Page's assessment is correct, it seems as if the Doc has been hard at work on a fourth studio album.

The only question is, will we ever get the chance to hear it?