The Argentinian Football Association (the AFA) has landed itself in hot water a month ahead of schedule. In manual handed out to the members of its 2018 World Cup Squad, the football federation included a chapter solely dedicated to seducing Russian women while on location this summer. The chapter titled "Russian Language and Culture" includes a page which roughly translates to "What to do to have an opportunity with a Russian woman."

The guide was presented by Russian language teacher Eduardo Pennisi at Association headquarters in Buenos Aires. The documentation was then passed around to journalists and media representatives without consideration of Sexual Indecency quite obvious to the eye. A day later, the Argentinian Football Association was forced into action. Their claim is that the excerpt was published erroneously without their consent. Their word on the matter: "The teacher in charge of the course selected information to give to those in attendance but unfortunately, when printing it, due to an involuntary error, he included the text that was never a part of the course.

A few screen caps have made it to Twitter. ESPN has also recuperated a few English language translations for those interested in this buffoonery. One paragraph reads "Russian ladies like men who take initiative, if you don't have confidence in yourself then you need to practice speaking with many women." Another paragraph advises the Soccer team to look past stereotypes concerning Russian woman and materialism, not to worry because "there are many beautiful women in Russia and not all of them are for you. Be selective."