Ari Lennox's London visit didn't bring about the best experience since the "Shea Butter Baby" singer was shopping at Oxford Circus' Zara location and was accused of stealing, leading to a dramatic situation at the store. Ari first sent out a tweet that detailed her poor experience in the clothing store. "Zara in London on Oxford street had the most racist and disrespectful customer service I’ve experienced awhile. And the manager’s excuse for their evil attitudes was “sorry our workers are tired” tf?" she wrote.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Things must have taken a dramatic turn since Ari's tweets that followed detailed how she was accused of stealing, despite the fact that she bought $400 worth of things. "Yo now @Zara is accusing me of stealing!!!!!"

She added: "Man I wish after spending 400 dollars at Zara that I would steal a bralette that I’ve never seen in my life! The triff lady ringing me up either accidentally placed the item in my bag or it was intentional. The security guard demanded I pay for the item or they’d call the police."

It seems as though Ari got out of the situation and by no surprise at all, she's returning the merchandise she bought. "Definitely returning all this shit tomorrow," she wrote