Ariana Grande has had quite a year full of emotional fluctuations. She went through a tough break up, got engaged, lost a loved one to drug addiction and dropped a studio album. The star has been taking some time aside to process these events and heal from some of them. She has since previewed new music, expressing that she no longer wants to conform to industry standards.

Today, she thanks her fans for supporting her music while also apologizing for having fallen behind in terms of their expectations. Her message is still full of positivity as she celebrated the success of two of her singles and shares plans for the production of a documentary project. Tour dates are also said to be announced shortly.

Her message is attached to a photo of the star wearing a polo that reads, "I ain't shit."

"god is a woman and breathin are both in the top twenty rn at radio ! thank u so so so much ! i cant wait for you to hear what else i’ve been working on. tryna announce american sweetener tour dates asap, tryna get u the docuseries asap and tryna shoot a breathin video bc i forgot to (hope there’s still time) i love u thank u ! oh & also i saw some of the BBC special thing we did in london for u and i think you’ll be really happy w that too i hope. word ok bye. sry if i fell behind on any of dis."