Ariana Grande was not present at last night's Grammy Awards ceremony. The talented vocalist was frustrated with the producers of the show and she eventually decided to pull out of her performance, staying home instead. She rocked her would-be red carpet dress on the couch while watching the biggest night in music go down. It was a special night for Grande too as she took home her first Grammy Award, celebrating in bed with her dog. She wasn't as pleased when she found out that Mac Miller, her ex-boyfriend, had not taken home the prize for "Best Rap Album."

Swimming was nominated next to Cardi B, Nipsey Hussle, Travis Scott, and Pusha T. Many people expected with Push or Trav to pull out the win but Cardi B surprisingly brought home her first Grammy through that category. In a series of deleted tweets, Ariana Grande expressed her frustration. "Fuck," she tweeted when Cardi B was announced as the winner. She followed that up with separate posts reading "Trash" and "Literal bullshit." Ariana clarified in a response to a fan that she was not directing her anger at Cardi B. In fact, she wrote that she was happy for the young rapper. 

"THEY INVITED HIS PARENTS OUT. NO," tweeted Ariana. She noted that Mac's mother was going to have a special suit made for the event. Ari said that she was angry that the Academy invited his parents to the ceremony, just to watch their son lose. Most of her tweets have since been deleted.