Stop the presses everybody, there's a shocking new development in Ariana Grande's hair. The singer's world-famous long hair, which hangs down her back in an impossibly straight sheet, is now mostly gone. The singer took to Instagram to publicize the mini-makover:

Although not groundbreaking in any sense of the word, there's one thing about it that we can say for sure: it's different than her old hair. 

This new cut has got Grande's fans worrying about two things. First, how we she wear her trademark high pony when she's only got a bob? She's so vocal about loving her up-do that it might seem confusing that she'd want to get rid of it:

The second thing is the classic situation that Grande has found herself in. You go through a breakup (that is very public) and you need to show your ex and the world that your moving on. The easiest way to do this (and the classic choice) is to cut your hair. Grande also opted to make a chart-topping single about it.