Ariana Grande has been dealing with a lot in the last few months. From the passing of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller to the ending of her engagement with Pete Davidson after their whirlwind romance, the one thing that has kept her going is music. The "God Is A Woman" singer has been posted up in the studio (when she's not on a shopping spree) and her time there has resulted in some therapeutic tunes that may have formed a full tape. 

Ariana jumped back on Twitter to engage with some fans, dropping all kinds of hints about a possible project coming soon. "I’m feeling sm better lately and this music is sick i’m so happy i love u," she wrote to a fan checking in on her, adding how the project already has a name.

It's unclear when the full tape will be here, but when a fan asked if it's coming before the end of the year her response was: "hehehe idk."

"It ain’t ova," she added in another tweet. "I don’t really like “era’s”. i jus wanna make music and drop it whenever and perform it. i don’t want to conform to the like ... ‘routine’ or like ‘formula’ anymore. i love music i ain’t waiting another 2 years to drop it. i want to share it w u when it’s freshhh."

This tape's bound to have all kinds of feels.