Ariana Grande was silent at first as she privately reacted to the passing of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, and she has since sent out several inspirational messages in the wake of his death. The singer is currently "healing and mending," dealing with the pain of losing one of her loved ones. Grande has been taking the news rough but it's been reported that her fiance Pete Davidson is her support system as she grieves. Her most recent post appears to be either a form of self-assurance or she's encouraging all those who may be going through anything similar to what her ex dealt with that things will get better.

Mac died of an apparent drug overdose early this month and Ariana Grande reacted to the news several days after the fact, writing, "I adored you from the day I met you when I was nineteen and I always will." She decided to share some inspiration over the weekend, reminding her fans that she's here for them if ever they need. She wrote, "everything will be okay," seemingly addressing anybody suffering from depression or similar struggles. Later, she reminded her supporters of her undying love for each and every one of them, adding, "i love u so v much."

Many have defended Ariana after she was initially blamed for his death on social media. In the wake of his passing, some of Mac's fans bombarded Grande with hateful messages, to which his closest friends responded by echoing nothing but kind sentiments towards her. This is just the most recent addition to a number of tributes the singer has uploaded.