Ariana Grande was accused of cultural appropriation twice in the past two months. Once, for ripping off Soulja Boy, 2 Chainz and Princess Nokia with "7 Rings." She was later accused, again, of cultural appropriation when she got a tattoo that was supposed to read "7 Rings" in Japanese but actually translated to "small charcoal grill." After it was announced that she would be headlining Manchester's Pride Festival, she faced backlash for from several people who claimed that she was expecting the LGBTQ community but she insists that's not the case. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Ariana Grande went straight to her iPhone Notes to offer an explanation to her fans after someone tweeted, "idk .... ariana headlining pride when she’s straight (as far as we’re all aware) .... and doubling the price of tickets .... kinda smells like exploitation of the lgbt community to me."  The user later clarified that she wasn't blaming Ariana and understood the singer's connection to the city. 

"hi my love.i have nothing to do with ticket pricing — manchester pride sets those rates, and they’re mostly out of my control," she explained. "the lgbtq community has been so special to me and supportive throughout my entire career. the relationships i have with my lgbtq fans, friends, and family make me so so happy."

She added, "and also i wanna visit a city that means so much to me. lgbtq representation is incredibly important, and i’m always proud to share the stage with lgbtq artists... i’m not claiming to be the hero of the community or the face of the lgbtq rights movement — i just wanna put on a show that makes my lgbtq fans feel special and celebrated and supported."

Peep her post below.