To lose somebody you love is a terrible thing; one you would not wish upon anybody. Now, in the wake of Mac Miller's tragic passing, Ariana Grande must carry the weight for the rest of her days. Though the pair had broken up, it should be remembered that love does not simply fade overnight. It's no surprise that Mac's death has had a profound effect on Grande, who broke off her impending marriage with Pete Davidson shortly thereafter.

Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, Grande took a moment to pay homage to Mac, with whom she celebrated with the year before. Keeping it simple yet effective, Grande took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message. "You're v missed," she writes, beneath a picture of the once-couple. It's difficult to imagine what she might be going through. For those opting to take a cold stance toward the singer, attempt to put yourself in her shoes for a moment before casting judgment. After all, mourning Mac Miller is something many of us hip-hop fans can relate to. 

Rest in peace, Mac Miller.