Back in October, a Canadian makeup artist by the name of Samantha Ravndahl posted a photo of herself (or what kids these days call a selfie) with a full-out zombie makeover. According to Ravndahl, she then saw this very image popping up on Lil Kim's social media account, in promotion of her single "Dead Gal Walking".

While the artist reached out for compensation for the image, she's apparently been ignored by Kim's people, and thus she's threatening to launch a lawsuit on Kim if she does not pull the image from her accounts.

Ravndahl is looking for $150,000 minimum if here requests are not met.

Lil Kim has yet to respond to the proposed suit.


[Update: Kim Sued For 150k]

Since Lil Kim seems to have paid no mind to artist Samantha Ravndahl's demands that her makeup photo be taken down from the rapper's social media accounts, Ravndahl has gone ahead wither her proposed lawsuit.

The artist is looking for 150k minimum for the copywright infringement.

Thus far, Kim has not responded to the suit.