To celebrate the success of his 2016 album Major Key & its smash hit "Do You Mind," which went platinum back in February, DJ Khaled, and better yet his newborn son, Asahd, decided to pay a visit to Nicki Minaj Friday night in the studio & gift her with a platinum plaque for her contribution on the record.

Nicki, who was elated to see Asahd, took to Instagram to show off her new plaque & obsession with Asahd.

“Omg @asahdkhaled just stopped by to drop off my platinum plaque for #DoYouMind - this made my night. I'm so obsessed with him. Cuteness overload 😩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @djkhaled” Nicki’s caption read.

Following that, Nicki shared a couple more pictures on Instagram, again reiterating her obsession with DJ Khaled's son.

"Look @ aunty's big boy!!!!! This little angel came bearing gifts. PLATINUM PLAQUE ALERT!!!!! #DoYouMind Thank You for all your hard work Asahd!!!!!"

Check out Nicki's adorable posts (below).