In a stream of Tweets posted by Cudi a couple of days ago, which revealed an "epic" unreleased version of a "Wild'n Cuz I'm Young" remix featuring Jay Z, as well as Cudi's yearning to "feel fabulous" by getting a drag makeover; the "Erase Me" rapper let fans know he'd "love" to do a world tour, and "bring some people with me like @asvpxrocky and the fam." 

Timothy Norris/Getty Images

Rocky swiftly took to Twitter to respond to the mention on Friday with, “FACT$!!! THIS IS A GOAL LET$ MAKE IT HAPPEN!!” The two have worked together various times in the past, with Rocky being featured on the song “Brothers” from Cudi’s 2013 album Indicud. More recently, The Chosen One hopped on the remix of “ASAP Forever,” from Rocky’s 2018 album TESTING, aaand Rocky also made a cameo in the video for Cudi’s song “Surfin’” from his 2016 album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’. So it's not hard to picture the two going on a joint world tour together - it is hard to picture how they're going to manage meeting ticket supply with all the demand they'd be getting though.

If this were to happen, A$AP is going to have to find time in his busy schedule to do so, something which seems unlikely if Stephen Curry happens to take up the "Sundress" rapper's offer to be his personal stylist.