It's been a major week for A$AP Rocky. After a memorable Yams Day event last Thursday, Rocky kicked off the roll out for his forthcoming album which no one really knows what the title is exactly. This week, he dropped three songs back to back with "5ive $tar$," "Above" and last night's effort, "Money Bag Freestyle." While doing all of this, he's prepping to premiere "Monster," an film he stars in. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and during a recent interview, he revealed what the most memorable moment of shooting it was.

Rocky, alongside his co-star, Kelvin Harrison Jr. and director Anthony Mandler recently sat down with Collider for an interview at Sundance. They were asked about the most memorable part of shooting the film which caused Rocky to start laughing before he allowed Mandler to tell the story about how he broke his nose while he was on set. 

"Because we’re making a small movie and because we have method actors, they did the robbery and all their stunts, which is like a vicious fight scene." Mandler said, "So the gentleman who plays the bodega owner who gets murdered is a very big, tough guy. Like a Spanish, uptown, 260-pound [man]. So [Rocky] and John David come in and we just go, and it’s a full-bore wrestling fight with a gun flying all over the place, and actually on one of the takes Rocky broke his nose. Right in the middle of the scene."

While his nose was busted, the rapper also had a shoot with Vogue two days later. However, he admitted it took his a few hours to feel the pain of his busted nose and Mandler said Rocky was trying to get right back into shooting it.

"I really applaud him because the energy in the room was incredible and these guys were like jumping over the counter, and he was like, ‘Let’s go again, I’m good. I’m good.’ And I’m sitting there looking at his nose and it’s clearly broken, and he’s like, ‘I’m ready, I’m ready,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, no. We’re gonna take 20 and let’s call a doctor’" he said. 

You could watch the full interview here.