A$AP Rocky Clears Up Black Lives Matter Stance On The Breakfast Club

Rose Lilah
July 20, 2016 09:57

A$AP Rocky visits The Breakfast Club to clear the air concerning another interview floating around.

A$AP Rocky doesn't often dip his toe into political and social topics, however the rapper felt the need to clarify some comments that have resurfaced recently from an interview he did with Time Out New York last year. Following Rocky's appearance in the video for "23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America," his comments from the year-old Time Out interview starting bubbling back up. In the interview he was quoted as saying, "What the fuck am I, Al Sharpton now? I'm A$AP Rocky. I did not sign up to be no political activist. I wanna talk about my motherfuckin' lean, my best friend dying, the girls that come in and out of my life, the jiggy fashion that I wear, my new inspirations in drugs! I don't wanna talk about no fucking Ferguson and shit because I don't live over there!"

Now speaking with The Breakfast Club over the course of a 45-minute interview, Rocky reveals how he currently feels about police brutality and racism in America, while alleging the Time Out interview was a mix of him misspeaking on top of being misquoted.

Watch the full interview with Rocky above.

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