Over a year ago, A$AP Rocky announced his inaugural collection with Guess, taking inspiration from 90s hip hop fashion in films like Menace II Society. Now, a second collection is on the way according a new reveal via WWD. This spring’s capsule collection will be called “Guess Club.”

The collection was revealed via a few lookbook photos, as well as shots of some of the items from the collection. Rocky got far more adventurous this time around, dabbling in brighter colors and using more of them at once. The rapper whose real name is Rakim Mayers told WWD the collection is, “all about my imagination. I’m a man-child, so the collaboration represents colorful, fun clothes, like a clubhouse collection.”

“It’s all tracking back to my childhood,” Rocky continued. “Saturday morning and early afternoon with cereal and cartoons, toys, records and eight tracks, Toys ‘R’ Us. I want to be a kid forever.” We can vibe with that.

The clothes will be priced between $49 and $198, not including the $39 hat, and will include both men’s and women’s clothing.

The “Guess Club” capsule collection with A$AP Rocky will launch at select Guess retailers on March 10. The first collection had people camping out and sold out in mere hours, so expect the same for this one. 

[via WWD]