It's officially Yams Day, and A$AP Rocky has kicked off the occasion with a new interview on Apple Music. After likening A$AP Mob to the Wu-Tang Clan, Rocky equates the late Yams to a combination of the RZA and the Ol' Dirty Bastard. Now, with the Yams Day concert set to transpire this evening, Rocky opened up about the late Mob founder's legacy. "Everybody loved Yams," he says. "When it comes to Yams day, all the proceeds go to his mom's non-profit organization. The biggest people show up to show love." Ebro takes it back to "Purple Swag," which caught fire back in 2011. "That was Yams, bro," reflects Rocky. "He just put me on. He showed me how to navigate and utilize all of that [social media]. Before him, I was a Myspace kinda cat." 

Citing Yam's days as Tumblr's Eastside Stevie, who acted as somewhat of a prominent hip-hop curator of the time, Rocky reiterates that he wouldn't be where he is today without his fallen associate. He also opens up about the grind, back when he was funding his own videos, including "Peso." "It's funny," says Rocky. "I love Action Bronson. When I first put out 'Purple Swag' he was like 'who is this fuck is this dude, he ain't from New York.' When I dropped 'Peso,' he was like, 'you killed that shit.'" 

For more from Rocky, check out the full interview via Apple Music above. Also, be sure to check out Yams Day coverage, which is set to transpire later tonight, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn at 8PM.