Rap shows get rowdy and sometimes even lead to violence. People get erratic in crowds, someone gets in someone else's personal bubble, people are drunk, it's all part of the game. However, what's uncommon is the artist themselves stopping the show to break up a fight which is exactly what A$AP Rocky did at one of his recent performances.

At a recent concert, A$AP Rocky spotted two concert goers scrapping it out in the crowd during his show and stopped the show to invite both gentlemen on stage. He starts off by asking them their names and ages. Anthony, 17, fought with Vic, 21.

"Iigh, first of all, he's seventeen so you not supposed to be fighting him anyways," Rocky said to Vic. The crowd was filled with "ohh's" which led Rocky to calm them down.

"Chill out, chill out. Because when I was seventeen, I was fighting muhfuckas. When I was 28, 29, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you still fight, you feel me?" He said to the crowd.

He later directed a very passionate speech to the two audience members on stage.

"At a A$AP show, y'all are considered family, you feel me? It don't matter who talk first, you suppose to swing because you in a moshpit. You supposed to come here to get out your anger in life, bro. You paid money to celebrate us and celebrate yourself. This is culture, you know what I'm saying? This is not just music," he said.

He looked at both members and dapped them up and said, "I love you," before making them hug it out. He later invited the two of them to finish the rest of the set on stage with him. It's definitely a solid gesture for A$AP Rocky. Not many artists care about their fans to that extent so it's nice to see Rocky take the time during his set to help squash the tension between the two in the crowd.

Watch the clip below: