ASAP Rocky was one of the first rappers to capitalize off the instantaneous nature of viral success. The NYC rapper's fame came so quickly that his very first live performance drew a considerable crowd, and press attention. Since then, Rocky's profile has continued to rise, earning him a spot as the face of Ferragamo's new men's line.

The brand's latest campaign, "A Man's Story" finds the rapper reflecting on his first show at ALIFE Boutique following the release of the "Purple Swag" video.

“They wanted me to come by and do three songs,” he said. “And when I say it was a line around the corner, people couldn’t even get in and I just kept thinking to myself -- wait, all of these people are here for me? This can’t be real. It’s my first time, it’s my first show.”

Pretty Flacko then remembers breaking down in tears of happiness following the performance.

"It turned out crazy. People were dressed how they saw me dressed in the videos. And when I got in the car on the way home, and I cried -- because I was happy," he explained. "That's when I felt that I made it."

Watch the video below.