A$AP Rocky's latest album Testing wasn't entirely beloved on a universal level, but those that did dive into the project found many rewarding moments. If anything, it validated Flacko as an artist that marches entirely by the beat of his own drum, unwilling to chase trends despite having the skill to pull it off convincingly. True, there remain many fans who simply want to hear him effortlessly flow over hard-hitting bangers, but Rocky seems content to fulfill his musically experimental urges -- as he appears to be doing in the studio as we speak.

A$AP Rocky Wiz Khalifa Juicy J

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Recent footage from the studio reveals what must have been an epic studio session between Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J, one that appears to have led to the creation of a banger or two. The song itself does seem to be along the lines of what many fans want to see, with both Rocky and Wiz snapping over an up-tempo dark banger -- presumably produced by Juicy J, who has come to specialize in that department.

As of now, it's unclear as to whether this track will be appearing on Juicy J's new album The Hustle Continues, a new Wiz Khalifa album, or a new project from Rocky -- given that J's album has already been completed, it's possible that this one will be headed elsewhere. It would be about that time for a new album from Flacko, however -- Testing dropped in 2018, and he's had ample time to be working on his followup. Check out the snippet below.