A betting man would tell you that A$AP Rocky's upcoming album has landed a name. While it seemed heavily implied that Testing would be the mantle of his latest body o' work, some guessed that Dummie was also on the table. Either way, Rocky has clearly picked a theme, as we previously explained in our extensive "what we know" analysis. Now, in the thick of album season, Rocky has officially thrown his hat in the race. Sort of. Keeping it old school, Rocky has kept the traditional avenues of promotion alive, opting to rent out some Billboard space in New York.

The image's designer @duongtype shared some images of the billboard, showcasing Rocky's Testing standing alongside various establishments including Macy’s flagship Herald’s Square store, near West 33rd street. Should you be en route to McDonalds and/or Hooters, you may very well catch the visage of Pretty Flacko staring at you; don't worry, he does not judge. Suffice it to say, Testing is all but confirmed, provided an album is indeed the topic of discussion. I suppose it's possible that a single of the same name is incoming, although prior evidence certainly suggests that Rocky has an affinity for the name. 

Check out some images of the Billboard below, as well as a close up via the design team's IG. Are ya'll looking forward to some new music from A$AP Rocky? We've already come to terms with the fact that he'd be dropping this year, alongside some of the game's biggest names. All things considered, Flacko season is never unwelcome.