A$AP Twelvyy kicked off AWGEST with the release of his debut album 12Today, Twelvyy is the latest guest on Pitchfork's Over/Under series.

As most episodes of Over/Under, Twelvyy gets asked to rate some pretty interesting topics. While this episode is shorter than most, Twelvyy still covers a lot in the time frame. Twelvyy goes in and rates fantasy football, camouflage lingerie, fishing with Vladimir Putin, Frank Sinatra and handball, among other topics.

It's clear that Twelvyy is definitely not down for fishing with Putin because obviously, it would be much more fun to fish with A$AP Mob.

"Fishing with Putin might be overrated, you know. Because I think I could chill with my bros and have way more fun," Twelvyy says, "Fishing with A$AP Mob: Fire. With jetskis, the swamp thing joints, you know what I'm sayin'. Submarines, all that."

In the theme of being a cozy boy, Twelvyy also reveals that sleeping on the subway is most definitely underrated, saying he feels safe taking a well-deserved nap on the MTA.

"I used to work overnights, you know what I'm saying. So that was the only time I got to sleep, you feel me. So shout out to subway naps." Twelvyy says.

In addition to rating those two, A$AP Twelvyy reveals himself to be an advocate for outdoor activities. While rating Fantasy Football leagues, he says he'd much rather spend his Sunday playing the actual sport.

"You spend all that time online. I just be like 'Yo let's go outside and get hurt or something,' they be like 'Nah' they be lookin' at their phone all day. I don't think it's too cool," says Twelvyy. 

He also says that handball is highly underrated due to it's popularity among the elderly in Harlem and New York City as a whole. 

"Everyday, you see the elderly out there playing. And you know, it's great exercise for them. I'm happy they get to be out there enjoying themselves, you know." He continues, "Some of them been playing for 50, 60 years. It's underrated."

Whenever a member from the Mob pops by, you should only expect some hilarity to ensue. This episode of Over/Under reveals a bit of A$AP Twelvyy's personality outside of social media. 

Watch the full video below: