Asia Argento and Rose McGowan became quick friends after bonding over their mutual assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. The two actresses helped start the #MeToo movement together, and embarked on a feminist power journey that was caught in the center of the media's eye for a year. Then, it was revealed that Argento had sex with Jimmy Bennett when he was 17, which is statutory rape in California. She paid him off with hush money, but the entire scandal came to light earlier this summer. In the midst of a Me Too creator getting Me Too'd McGowan chose to distance herself from Argento. 

Then, things escalated further. McGowan's current lover exposed text messages that displayed Argento admitting to sleeping with Bennett, after she lied to cover her tracks. Argento was obviously deeply hurt by this betrayal, and has since made it a mission to throw shade McGowan's way. The drama between the former friends is far from over though, as Argento took her feud to another level. As reported by US WeeklyArengto posted am Instagram Story on Saturday, September 29, that showed her getting a new tattoo. The ink looks like she got it from a typical pop-art catalog that sits on the shelf of every tattoo shop. The tat is of a bloody dagger going through Argento's skin and coming out on the other side. “Bye bye @rosemcgowan,” she wrote as the caption for the story. A revenge tattoo doesn't seem like it really hurts the other person though.