The women of hip-hop are often pitted against each other to the point where something like an unfollow on Instagram will cause speculation about potential drama doing down between the girls. Such is the case that happened with Nicki Minaj this past week when she cleared out her Instagram following list. The 38-year-old, who is no stranger to the feeling of being made the bad guy, simply updated fans on what was going on in her story, writing "Bare with me with this following list you guys. Sorting it out," with a kissy face emoji at the end."

The rapper then secretly began re-following people back. Among those who received a follow back from the Queens-bred rapper were Mulatto and Asian Doll. Mulatto reflected on haters who laughed when the new mom unfollowed the Atlanta rapper assuming that she had done so spitefully, penning in a tweet, "Where all the trolls go that was laughing that Nicki unfollowed me y’all quiet neowww."

Asian Doll sent out a tweet appreciative of the follow from Nicki as well, adding "It’s Nicki following me back for me," with a heart emoji. 

Nicki slashed her following list by nearly 1,000 people after she cleared it down to zero. As usual, the Barbz did notice Nicki did not follow Megan thee Stallion nor Doja Cat back. She also allegedly deleted a snap with Megan from her Instagram as well as a Megan interview she posted back in 2019. 

Fans still believe the purge on her Instagram page is an indication of a new era, so that may still be something to keep an eye out for.