Cardi B had a killer year and hit great heights with the success of her biggest track to date, "Bodak Yellow." She's without a doubt established her self in the hip-hop world, but who would have thought that a real-life astronaut would reach out the New York emcee for "collaborative ideas." 

In the since-deleted tweets below, you can see that Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted at Cardi asking her to DM him. His other tweets just consisted of a Fox News link and then just a tweet reading "Card B."

For those who were curious if Cardi would jokingly reach out, unfortunately, the tweets were due to Scott's Twitter account being "compromised." The Astronaut tweeted a thank you to his concerned followers but assured everyone that he has Cardi B on his playlist. 

Cardi recently hit up Twitter herself letting fans know that she's taking her time on her upcoming album as she wants to focus on the quality. 

"I have a lot of pressure on me," she admitted. "I have songs stashed up. I just don’t think they qualified for my album. Sometimes i think is ready sometimes i think it’s not. So I’m going to take my time till it’s right." 

A user tweeted back to her suggesting she hold a listening party for her fans to give her honest feedback. Cardi replied saying she was thinking of doing it in December, but it's hard with the number of fans she has - how would she choose!