Atlanta police announced today that they recently carried out one of the largest marijuana busts in their city's history. They stopped and seized a truck that was stocked with an amount of weed that is estimated to have a street value of about $9 million. 

On Monday, Atlanta police got a tip that a cargo truck was moving through the city. They then alerted state police, who quickly organized a traffic stop and were able to detain the vehicle in question. Atlanta police then stormed the scene, taking the driver, 29-year-old Jose Ibarra, and the truck into custody. 

What they found was 208 bales of marijuana, weighing a total of 5,824 pounds. Each package was shrink-wrapped and had been covered with chlorine in an effort to evade the noses of drug-sniffing canines. 

"We think it's one of the biggest, if not the biggest, marijuana seizures we have ever had in the city," said Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson. Atlanta Police Sergeant Warren Pickard told WGCL-TV, "I've never witnessed this amount of marijuana." 

Police would not reveal where the mass amount of weed came from, nor where it was headed, as the seizure has prompted an ongoing investigation. As reported by Channel 2 News, the Atlanta Police Department is united against the legalization of marijuana.