Atmosphere "Fortunate" Video

Rose Lilah
November 24, 2014 16:36

Watch Atmosphere's new music video for "Fortunate."

Atmosphere are back with another visual off Southsiders, following up "Arthur's Song" last month. For this music video, they shoot their long line up of fans outside the Palladium in L.A. before a show. 

Slug and Ant walk beside the line-up, while Slug looks generally confused and picks up random items from the fans, including a lamp and a chair. Ant, meanwhile, holds a cake. It's random, but showcases the strength of their underground fanbase. 

On a note on their YouTube page, the duo reveal why Ant is holding a cake (it was his birthday), and why they included their fans in the shoot: "as a thank you to everyone who came out to the north of hell shows, we made a video. We asked our friend dan monick to shoot this video on ant's birthday, outside of our most recent los angeles show at the hollywood palladium. shout out to anyone who waited in one of the many lines to help make this tour such a fun experience. we truly are fortunate to have the most amazing fans/friends/supporters in the entire world."

Southsiders has been out, go grab it on iTunes if you haven't heard it yet. 

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