At the beginning of December, 23-year-old porn star August Ames passed away after an apparent suicideThe Blast now reports that August's husband, Kevin Moriarty, has filed a $5 million claim against the Ventura County Medical Examiner's for releasing “salacious personal information” regarding his wife's death.

Kevin is looking to come to an agreement with the company after details on the location of Augusts' death, and the contents and existence of a suicide note were released to the media. Kevin is claiming that the information being handed over to the public has caused him emotional distress and mental anguish. 

August's life ended after she received a lot of backlash over not wanting to perform with a male actor who had previously done gay porn. She argued that the STD testing for gay men in the industry was not the same and did not feel comfortable going through with it.

"I write this to make it crystal clear: Bullying took her life," Kevin wrote in a letter remembering his wife. "If the harassment had not occurred, she would be alive today. She ended her life the day after the bullying began. To think they are unrelated is delusional."

If the Medical Examiner's do not come to an agreement with Kevin, he will likely pursue a full lawsuit.