Joe and Anthony Russo love playing with our emotions. The Captain America: Winter Soldier, Civil War, and & Avengers: Infinity War directors recently wrapped shooting for Avengers 4. Easily the most anticipated movie of 2019, Avengers 4 has fans speculating about any ounce of information they can get on the film. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has not even released the name of the movie yet, which has made fans exceedingly anxious. The Russo brothers released an image from the set in September that had fans losing their minds, and now, they have done it again. 

The first image was simply a picture of Joe Russo sitting on set. It was his caption of "Look hard" that drove fans crazy searching for a hint. Now, the Russo brothers have released a picture of a streaking blue blur of light. They simply captioned the image with the word "wrapped," revealing that Avengers 4 has finished with reshoots. The blue light looks like it could be a number of things. Some fans believe it is a coffin, while others think it may be a spaceship. 

Kevin Feige stated earlier this year that fans would get the title of Avengers 4 before 2018 concluded, so we should be getting a Marvel announcement in the upcoming weeks.