Marvel fans rejoice, there has been another Avengers 4 leak. While the plot is still being carefully guarded, the new leak comes from a familiar source... action figures. For years now, action figure boxes and promo art have surfaced online months prior to comic book movie releases, which helps fans get a glance at what to expect. The latest toy leak shows the printed back cover for a set that includes Thor and Rocket Raccoon. Both heroes are wearing brand new costumes. 

The white and black mech looking costumes reek of Tony Stark involvement. Thor still has his new axe in hand, while Rocket just tries his best to look cool besides him. In the upper right corner of the box, the leaked promo art for Avengers 4 can be seen, confirming that the new look at several characters from months ago was in fact authentic. Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, War Machine, and Rocket Racoon join the original six Avengers on the promo art. The simple fact the all the original Avengers survived the snap plays perfectly into speculation that time travel will be used. Some fans believe that the main reason for keeping Thor, Captain America, Iron-Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow alive ties back to the Battle of New York with Loki, where the team had their first joint adventure battling an Infinity Stone.