The last we reported on Avengers: End Game, we spoke on how close it was to breaking Avatar's box office record. Indeed, last time we checked, End Game was only $45 million dollars away from breaking Avatar's all-time box office record. And considering it's been making almost $1 million dollars a day, still, then we surely expected the record will be broken in due time. The Disney and Marvel box office garnered another $2.8 million dollars via global box office (which includes the re-release sales) this past weekend and the latter boosted overall ticket sales to $2.78 billion worldwide. As such, End Game is now only $7.16 million dollars behind Avatar's massive record of $2.788 billion dollars. To note, the sci-fi movie held the top spot for almost a decade. 

Considerably, Avengers: End Game has been breaking records since the beginning. Off the jump, the first trailer for the film pulled in a whopping 289 million views during its first 24 hours, becoming the most-watched trailer in that time frame. The second trailer did just as well, pulling in 268 million views in 24 hours. Even more, the pre-sale tickets for the film were just as impressive. As for ratings, Endgame holds the highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes (with 98%) known for its stiff ratings that are not easily swayed. Lastly, it beat Titanic with its current global box office streak.