Die-hard and casual Marvel fans alike have come to expect a post-credits scene or two after every film. With Avengers: Endgame officially hitting theatres tomorrow, many have been wondering whether the climactic chapter would follow suit. Evidently, it would appear that the Russo Brothers have opted to deviate from their iconic formula, which feels like a statement unto itself. Reports from those lucky enough to have witnessed the film's premiere indicate that Endgame will not feature a post-credit scene, making it the first film in the MCU to break the pattern. 

Despite the recent reveal that the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home is indeed the conclusion of Marvel's "Phase 3," Endgame represents the end of an era, and deserves to end on a resounding silence. While some might take issue with information of this nature, dubbing it a spoiler, consider the time you're bound to save as a result. True, it's nice to appreciate the thousands of names involved in the making-of process, but there's only so much a bladder can hold during a three-hour runtime. 

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