Thanos went from ominous purple man to ubiquitous pop culture icon in the snap of a finger. Now, it's easy to count the Josh-Brolin-portrayed character among cinema's most memorable villains, if only for his apocalyptic tendencies. Even his armor has become an iconic piece of attire, especially when you factor in the imposing infinity gauntlet. Yet Thanos' signature garb almost looked a little different. Avengers concept artist Jerad S.Marantz took to Instagram to reveal what might have been. 

The possible design depicts Thanos donning a skin-tight black ensemble, that may or may not be a hoodie. It certainly looks high on the comfort scale, though it's hiding his imposing guns from the world. Though still liable to obliterate with ease, many took to teasing Thanos' alternate look, dubbing it his "CrossFit armor" - one Instagram commenter even went so far as to call Thanos a "hypebeast." Ultimately, we're glad they went for the more Brolic variant, but it's likely this one would have sufficed were it to be chosen. Perhaps it will still appear in some form. After all, Thanos still needs some retirement attire, and there's one more film yet to come.