Azealia Banks has made some incendiary claims about both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, so her fans might not have anticipated her picking sides during the recent peak in their rivalry. Perhaps something supernatural needed to happen in order for Banks to jump into the drama. According to the "Ice Princess," supernatural activity has been occurring and it is being wielded against Nicki Minaj.

Banks is accusing Cardi B's grandmother of using witchcraft against Nicki to ensure her granddaughter's success by tearing down her rival. 

"Cardis grandmother has been doing a lot of trabajo for her to switch places with nicki. This is how the grandmothers brujeria is manifesting."

According to Azealia, Nicki would need to stop communicating with the "Bodak Yellow" star completely to avoid any of this "brujeria" to take effect in the future. From her perspective, their truce is a way for the witch to get closer to her target. 

"You HAVE to stop engaging with her entirely. “squashing” this beef is how cardi will try to get close to you. You have to forget she exists and in a year she will be gone. I know you are the queen of chess but cardi is not as dumb as she appears. Stay away from her @NICKIMINAJ"