Despite being subjected to many controversies -- some spun by her own hand, others due to misconstrued narratives -- Azealia Banks has remained unapologetically true to herself. It's downright refreshing in a way, though at times, some of her messaging can veer into hostile territory. In any case, the self-declared Sea Queen has been no stranger to political discourse, vocalizing her opinion on social media and maintaining that a Joe Biden presidency would ultimately do more harm than good.

Azealia Banks Cardi B Joe Biden

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Considering that her take isn't exactly commonplace in the music industry, it's interesting to hear her viewpoint on the matter. Taking to Instagram, Banks took a moment to reflect on the recent interview between Cardi B and Joe Biden, one that has already been criticized by opposition and skeptics alike. "Joe Biden is legitimately scary," writes Banks. "I’m sorry, I don’t for a second think he’s not a complete racist in performative PC drag. Kamala Harris save our souls. PLEASE. Do not let this man speak anymore. Please just let Kamala do all the talking during the debates. Fuck."

She also elaborates on the basis of her fear, which stemmed from him "romanticizing the graphic atrocities committed against black Americans during the civil rights movement." Though she stands adamantly against Biden, going so far as to label herself "lowkey conservative," she does seem favorable to Biden's Vice President Kamala Harris. In fact, she went so far as to implore Harris to take a leading role in the campaign, not only for the good of the Democratic party, but for the very soul of the nation.