Azealia Banks has definitely been through a lot during her career as a rap artist. Following the release of her breakout single "212," Banks continued proving her lyrical capacity, dropping off some solid full-length albums but she never ended up becoming as big as she should have been. Nowadays, she's almost always clowned on a regular basis by critics who don't take her mental health into consideration before posting their remarks.

This weekend, things got pretty bad for her as she cryptically claimed that she would soon be "ending her stay on this planet." After that was posted, her fans began to reach out to her in droves, sending their love and urging her to reconsider. 

Now, she's updating her followers on how she's doing, showing a smile and going off on the fake love she's gotten.

"I’m fine, better than I was before," she wrote in her return post. "What is this obsession u bitches have with my despair?"

She went on to share a multitude of posts aimed at the reaction to the suicidal tone she kept in her recent activity.

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"Big LOL to all the outlets reaching out for a story grab disguised as genuine concern," wrote Azealia. "Same outlets who routinely exclude me from the 'protect black women' narratives. Go write your think pieces and email me when you're ready to support me on a regular day when I'm doing well and releasing new music."

Continue sending positive energy to Azealia Banks. She deserves to feel loved.